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Beware the Writer


When you really want answers, and you ask for them (Ask and you shall receive) you may not always be prepared for what will happen. This can be a difficult thing for the parent who has been praying for answers about their child, and finds herself gasping for air when the cold water of reality hits. Or, it might be a little more subtle. But it isn't always bad.


We are often so busy with the business of living that we don't take time to find out what we're supposed to do, much less how to do it. We (or is it just me) plow faithfully ahead, and when we get to the end of the row, we wonder which way to turn. And, if we're not careful, we've turned the wrong way or we're so caught up in the momentum of dealing with the daily that we end up running nowhere fast. That's just how it is sometimes. It's the enemy's dance and he enjoys it. Faster, faster... that's right! He smiles, puffing a big cigar.


So, a few days ago, I found myself asking. "What's the next step for getting the music and the book out, Lord? Please show me what to do about the new songs, what to do with the ones on the CD and what to do about the book. You showed me what to write. You are my provider... So, I believe You will show me what You want me to do... thank You, Father."


When I arrived at the school where I teach, there was a new substitute across the hall, a nice enough guy, it seemed. He was dressed appropriately for any other day, but today was Friday, and as I explained to him, "We pay into a scholarship fund so we can wear jeans on Friday." He nodded and proceeded to tell me he'd just come from a Bible study. I was intrigued. In a few minutes more I learned he was also a singer and a worship leader. The bell rang, so I saved my questions for later. Who knows? Maybe this is part of God's answer. Maybe I can work on music with someone.


When lunch time came, I asked, "So where do you lead worship?" He mentioned a conservative denomination. "That's nice. I'm a singer-songwriter, myself, and I'm always interested to hear what other singers are involved in."


His eyes dropped from my eyes to somewhere between my waist and my knees, then he turned and walked away.

The wool jacket I was wearing was a little itchy, but at that moment, I was glad for its warmth. I pulled it tighter and closed the door to my room behind me, taking a seat at my desk.


A new email was in my inbox. It came through the contact form at one of the music community websites, one I'd only rejoined a week ago. It was from a young woman representing a  marketing company for Christian musicians wanting to inform me of a new opportunity. So I checked the credentials and requested more information, giving her the link to my website. "Nice website," she responded, and inquired about my Twitter account... (OK - I've just been waiting for a good reason to have one, so I do now). She told me exactly how her company could help and how reasonable it would be. By evening, another marketing company had contacted me about my book (not quite as reasonable, but not crazy either). The following morning, still another marketing company contacted me about a Christmas song promotion.


So, this weekend, I'll be following the path He's leading me along. I'll be exploring Twitter and hoping that those who really love God won't mind if I wear jeans to work on Fridays to support the student scholarship fund, or sit around in my jammies and write on Saturday morning.





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